Taking Care of Others’ Dental Health

I’m often left disappointed with myself in how I handle the health of my dog. Whether it’s clipping his nails as often as I should or taking him to the vet often enough, I worry that some day down the road it’ll catch up to me and I’ll be quite sad that I could’ve prevented an illness or an injury. In fact, it’s one thing to let your own health do that, but it’s another entirely to not fully care for an animal that you willingly chose to get, whether you adopted it or bought from a breeder.

So it’s no surprise that I could also be a bit better about brushing my dog’s teeth. I’m not the best about doing my own, but at the very least I could buy him specific treats that self clean while he’s eating them. And maybe they have good nutrients within, who knows! All that matters is the fact that you’re going out of your way to care for an aspect of an animal’s health that most people don’t think about.

But maybe that’s the solution. Maybe it’s the fact that I need to take better care of my own teeth and suddenly I’d care more about his. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe by taking care of his teeth, I’d learn to have a better appreciation for my own.

No matter the case, I’m often left wondering what will happen if I don’t enact some good change soon. Life definitely isn’t as long and prosperous as many make it out to be if you don’t have the money or connections that some people have. It can be rough, and if you’re not doing the right things in your everyday life, well, things as precious as health can get away from you and your family pretty quickly.

So, I don’t ever want to jeopardize someone else’s health all because of my actions. Heck, typing this up has inspired me to go out and buy some dental snacks for my pup and a special brush to clean off some of the tartar that has clearly been built up in the back row of his teeth. I know he may not like the experience at first, but at the very least we’d be on a better routine than we currently are. From there, things get better. Things always get better. That’s just a constant rule in life.

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