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Preventing Sickness

Whenever I notice my health starting to slip up, I try to look back on a reason why I let it slip in the first place. Was it the fact that I just didn’t take the time to eat healthy and to take the right vitamins? Was it not trying enough to prevent a flu that was going around my friends and family, and so I just didn’t take the right steps in sanitization? Or maybe it was something deeper?

Typically, it’s the last of those things. More often than not, we get stressed with the little things in life, and so then our health is compromised because of that stress. Not only is it the physical toll stress takes on our body, it’s the fact that we drop every other good habit we’ve got going and end up eating poorly, not brushing our teeth, not taking our vitamins, or whatever else it may be. Often, it’s not one of these things that happens to be our health’s downfall either. It’s a compounding effect that’s going on, it’s not making the time to do it all right. And when one thing goes down, they all go down. It is basically the perfect recipe for falling ill, and there is no other way about it.

So, when it comes to my dental health slipping up, I feel like I don’t have as many excuses. Even if I’m stressed or overwhelmed by something in life, I should be able to make time for a two minute brushing in the morning and another two at night. I should have zero excuses for not flossing when that, too, only takes two hours.

I think I’m starting to realize that all it takes in life to be healthy is a little care and time towards the body, but a little more time than that towards mental health and emotional health. If your emotions are strung out and your mind is constantly under pressure, you’re going to let your body deteriorate without even realizing it. It’s a sad cycle, but it’s one that so many people don’t even realize is happening right in front of their very eyes. And oftentimes, families let it happen to one another. No one holds the other accountable, and so everyone gets sick. Everyone suffers a little bit and no one realizes it’s a deeper rooted issue. If we all started taking mental and emotional health a little more seriously, we’d be well off.